CONMEBOL come out in defence of Cavani

Premier League A wave of support for the Uruguayan

Edinson Cavani with Manchester United.Edinson Cavani with Manchester United.

The English Football Association’s decision to hit Edinson Cavani with a three-match ban and a fine has prompted a wave of support for the Uruguayan.

Cavani was accused of using racially insensitive language towards a friend in an Instagram post, but it has been argued by many the the term used was one of endearment, and not something uncommon in Uruguay and other South American cultures.

On Monday, the Footballers’ Association of Uruguay came out in defence of the forward, and now CONMEBOL have joined them.

“CONMEBOL expressed solidarity with Edinson Cavani,” read a statement on Tuesday. “The disciplinary action taken does not consider cultural characteristics and the use of certain terms in everyday speech in Uruguay.

“The punishment and judging of these comments can affect players and their reputations, so they must always be carried out while considering the context in which they were made and, above all, the cultural peculiarities of each player and country.

“CONMEBOL condemns and will always condemn any racist or discriminatory remarks but, in Cavani’s case, there weren’t any.”

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