Manchester United v West Bromwich Albion Live Commentary & Result, 21/11/2020, Premier League

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United win their first match at home in the Premier League this season and it sees them move up to ninth in the table. Their attention now turns to the Champions League when they face Istanbul Basaksehir on Tuesday. West Brom’s wait for a win in the league goes on and it’s a big game for them next time out as they face Sheffield United, who are also at the bottom of the table.

Fernandes’ second-half penalty earns a 1-0 win for United over West Brom. The visitors were awarded an early penalty in the second half only to see it overturned after a VAR check. United were then awarded a spot-kick at the other end and Johnstone saved it, but Fernandes scored the retake because the keeper came off his line. Robinson hit the bar for West Brom and United could’ve had more but for some great saves by Johnstone.


90′ + 4′ West Brom are keeping the pressure on United in the final minute of stoppage time but they just can’t find a way into the box. Robinson backheels Townsend’s pass towards Robson-Kanu, but it’s blocked by Maguire.

90′ + 2′ It’s a brilliant first touch by Martial as he turns away from Bartley just inside the box before he sets himself to take a shot. That gives the defender time to get back though and he does really well to stop the effort.

Manchester United

90′ + 1′ Cavani has the ball nicked off him by Ajayi and ends up catching Gallagher late in his attempts to win it back. He’s shown a yellow card.

89′ Matic went down off the ball and it looks like he’s struggling with his hamstring. United have made all their substitutions though and he slowly gets back to his feet without needing any treatment.

87′ Cavani drops deep to get on the ball and turns away from Ajayi before playing a pass into the box for Martial. He couldn’t get in between West Brom’s defenders though and Bartley clears his lines.

85′ United are keeping possession well at the moment and West Brom just can’t get a touch on the ball. Fernandes makes a driving run through the middle and Bartley makes a good block to stop his pass getting through to Cavani.

Manchester United

83′ The final change for United sees McTominay coming on to replace Fred.

81′ Cavani has drifted out onto the left to pick up the ball now and he has Van de Beek to pick out in the middle. It’s a poor cross from him though as he drills it straight into Johnstone’s gloves.

D. van de Beek

M. Rashford

Manchester United

79′ Solskjaer is making his second change as well and it’s Van de Beek coming on for Rashford.

F. Krovinović

B. Ivanović

West Bromwich Albion

79′ Final change for West Brom now and it’s Ivanovic making way for Krovinovic.

78′ Townsend sees some space open up behind Wan-Bissaka on United’s right and he tries to pick out Gallagher with a throughball. There’s too much on the pass though and the midfielder can’t keep it in.

West Bromwich Albion

76′ The first yellow card of the game is shown to Gallagher after he catches Fernandes with a late challenge.

75′ United end up over-playing it in West Brom’s box as Martial holds onto it instead of squaring it to Cavani. He cuts it back for Fred and he touches it onto Fernandes instead of having a shot and Townsend makes a good block to stop it.

73′ Robinson makes a good run through the middle and Ajayi is looking to pick him out with a long ball over the top. De Gea comes rushing out of his box though and clears it before the substitute can reach it.

71′ SAVE! Fernandes swings another corner into the box and Martial touches it onto Maguire at the far post. He lets it bounce in front of him before hitting the shot on the half-volley, but Johnstone is there to make another good save.

69′ 50 per cent of Fernandes’ Premier League goals for United have been penalties (7/14), the highest ratio of any player to score in the competition for them.

67′ GREAT SAVE! Fernandes squares the ball to the far post from the right of the box and Bartley misses it in the middle. Rashford dummies a shot before actually firing it towards goal and Johnstone gets a strong hand to tip it wide of the post.

65′ OFF THE BAR! It’s a great break by West Brom with Robson-Kanu holding the ball up to allow Gallagher to make his run down the left. He cuts it back to Robinson and he curls a shot to the top-right corner from just outside the box but it bounces off the crossbar.

Manchester United

63′ There’s a change for United as well as Mata is taken off and replaced by Cavani.

C. Robinson

K. Ahearne-Grant

West Bromwich Albion

62′ Grant is also coming off, with Robinson on in his place.

H. Robson-Kanu

G. Diangana

West Bromwich Albion

62′ Bilic is making a double change now and Diangana is the first to make way for Robson-Kanu.

60′ West Brom are keeping the ball well at the moment, but all of their possession is in their own half. They’re trying to push upfield, but United are pressing high and making it difficult for them to find space.

58′ Gallagher picks out Pereira who is in a pocket of space just outside the box. He has time, but chooses to take the shot first time and fires his effort high and wide of the United goal.

Bruno Fernandes

Penalty Goal

Manchester United

56′ FERNANDES SCORES! Once again, he does the hop before striking the ball and this time, he catches Johnstone out. He hits the spot-kick high this time and finds the back of the net despite the keeper going the right way. 1-0 United!

55′ IT’S SAVED! Fernandes steps up to take the penalty and he does his usual hop just before he strikes it. Johnstone goes the right way and palms it away from the bottom-right corner. VAR have a look at it though and it’s going to be retaken as the keeper was well off his line before Fernandes hit the shot.

53′ PENALTY TO UNITED! The home side counter-attack following De Gea’s save and Mata makes a run down the left. He cuts inside before putting a cross in which hits Furlong’s arm and the referee points to the spot.

52′ GREAT SAVE! Diangana swings a great cross into the far post from the right and Townsend is unmarked as he chests the ball down. He takes the shot quickly, keeping it low, and De Gea makes the save with his feet.

51′ Gallagher is being given a lot of room down the left and Townsend plays a good throughball forward to him. He takes a heavy first touch though which gives Wan-Bissaka time to get across and nick it off him.

49′ SAVE! Rashford cuts inside to get away from Ajayi and he curls his shot towards the top-left corner of the net. Johnstone has it covered though and tips the ball wide of the post.

48′ OVERTURNED! VAR had a look at the incident and asked the referee to go and have a look at the monitor. After looking at it himself, David Coote changes his mind and overturns his original decision.

46′ PENALTY TO WEST BROM! Townsend plays the ball into Gallagher and he takes a touch before Fernandes comes across. He steps across the player and gets a touch on the ball but Gallagher goes down and the referee points to the spot.

46′ West Brom get us back underway for the second half! 

Bilic will be the happier of the two managers after a defensively solid display in the first half, but he’ll be hoping his side can get forward to create a few more chances. As for United, they dominated possession but will need to find a way to open up some space in the final third.

It’s goalless at the break between Manchester United and West Brom. Martial had two good chances, first with a flicked-on header which Johnstone pushed away and the keeper got down quickly to deny him again on the second. West Brom haven’t had two many chances, but Grant came closest when his low effort was tipped wide of the far post by De Gea.


44′ United work it well to open up a bit of space on the left as Telles touches it onto Fred and he curls a good cross into the box. Martial is at the far post, but has two defenders with him and can’t get on the end of it.

42′ The corner is swung into the box for West Brom and it’s Bartley that meets it in the middle. He’s got his back to goal but heads his effort towards goal and it loops up onto the roof of the net.

40′ West Brom are sitting deep in their own half and keeping their shape well as they continue to frustrate United and stop them getting into the box. Rashford tries to dribble past Ivanovic, but can’t find a way past him.

38′ Telles pulls the ball back to Fernandes and he plays a low pass towards the far post. Wan-Bissaka runs onto it but his cross from the byline is blocked and West Brom’s defence is still standing strong.

36′ Fernandes drills a low cross into the box from the corner and it loops up off Martial. Maguire nudges Ivanovic away from it and hits the shot on the volley but Bartley is in the right place to block it.

34′ GOOD CHANCE! It’s a great cross to the far post by Fernandes and he picks out Mata’s run. He could’ve had a shot himself but tried to square it to Martial and Johnstone comes off his line to intercept it.

32′ West Brom are struggling to get out of their own half at the moment as United start to push forward with more pace. Rashford chips the ball into the box but Mata can’t control it with his first touch.

30′ Fernandes finds himself in a pocket of space just outside the box and he’s picked out by Matic. It’s a poor ball from him though as he fizzes a cross into the area and there’s nothing Martial can do with it.

28′ None of the West Brom players close down Telles on the left and he has time to swing a cross into the middle of the box. He’s looking for Martial in the middle, but Ajayi gets ahead of him to clear his lines.

26′ Martial goes to ground just inside the box under a challenge from Pereira and he’s asking for a penalty. It looks like he went down easily and the referee had a good view of it as he waves play on.

24′ United are looking to make something happen down the left side again with Telles trying to pick out Fernandes’ run this time. Sawyers spots the danger though and gets back to make an important interception.

22′ Telles plays a good throughball forward for Rashford but there’s nothing he can do with it as Ivanovic blocks off his run and switches play out to Gallagher to set West Brom on the attack.

20′ GOOD CHANCE! It’s a good throughball into Grant from Sawyers to get into the box. He takes a touch before firing his shot across goal but De Gea gets fingertips to the ball to send it wide of the far post.

18′ West Brom are keeping the pressure on United at the moment and stopping them from getting out of their own half. Grant is played in by Townsend and tries to turn past Maguire just outside the box but runs straight into the captain.

16′ GOOD SAVE! Rashford drills a low cross to Fernandes on the edge of the box and he touches it into Martial’s path. He gets in between the two defenders and takes the shot first time, but Johnstone gets down quickly to push it away.

14′ Diangana has a lot of space to run into down the right and Bartley tries to switch play out to him with a long ball over the top. He doesn’t get enough on it though and Lindelof goes out to intercept it.

12′ Martial makes a driving run down the right and pulls away from Ivanovic to drill a low cross into the box. Rashford misses it at the near post and Fred is just beaten to it by Ajayi in the middle.

10′ West Brom are pushing higher upfield now and Townsend is in a good position on the left. He swings a good cross towards the far post, but Grant doesn’t make the run and Telles sees it out of play.

8′ Rashford floats a good cross into the far post from the left and he’s trying to pick out Fernandes. He’s on the stretch to try and bring it down, but it’s just out of his reach and bounces straight out of play.

6′ West Brom are patiently trying to play out from the back, but their play is being cut out by a few tackles by United. Townsend drifts inside on the left to try and get into space, but he’s brought down by Fred.

4′ Furlong spots Diangana making a run ahead of him down the right and plays a good throughball upfield for him to chase. He does get on the end of it, but the offside flag goes up against him.

2′ SAVE! Mata swings a free-kick into the box from the right wing and it’s Martial that flicks it on at the near post. He heads it across goal and Johnstone gets a strong hand to it to push it away.

1′ Fernandes gets the game underway for United!

The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away.

West Brom are winless in their eight Premier League games so far this season, failing to score in four of their last five. Only in 1985-86 have they failed to win any of their first nine league games.

Slaven Bilic makes four changes to his team after their loss to Tottenham before the international break. Ivanovic, Pereira, Sawyers and Diangana come into the starting line-up, with O’Shea, Krovinovic and Robinson dropping to the bench. Jake Livermore is unavailable after testing positive for coronavirus.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer makes just two changes to the side that beat Everton two weeks ago as he brings in Telles and Matic. McTominay starts on the bench, while Luke Shaw misses out after going off injured in that game.

WEST BROM SUBS: David Button, Rekeem Harper, Callum Robinson, Filip Krovinovic, Matt Phillips, Dara O’Shea, Hal Robson-Kanu.

WEST BROM STARTING XI (5-4-1): Sam Johnstone; Darnell Furlong, Semi Ajayi, Kyle Bartley, Branislav Ivanovic, Conor Townsend; Matheus Pereira, Romaine Sawyers, Conor Gallagher, Grady Diangana; Karlan Grant.

MANCHESTER UNITED SUBS: Dean Henderson, Edinson Cavani, Scott McTominay, Daniel James, Donny van de Beek, Brandon Williams, Axel Tuanzebe.

MANCHESTER UNITED STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): David de Gea; Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Victor Lindelof, Harry Maguire, Alex Telles; Nemanja Matic, Fred; Juan Mata, Bruno Fernandes, Marcus Rashford; Anthony Martial.

United are still looking for their first home win in the league this season (D1 L3), with their only win at Old Trafford coming against RB Leipzig in the Champions League at the end of October. They face a West Brom side who are without a win since they were promoted back into the Premier League, drawing three and losing five of their games so far this campaign.

Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Manchester United and West Brom at Old Trafford!

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