Real Madrid: Carvajal and the injuries of a champion

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Carvajal and the injuries of a championEFE

The number of injuries suffered at Real Madrid (12 in total) this month is similar to last October’s figure of 19. Back then, they were already two months into the season, compared to under a month this time around.

It worth remembering that, in football, injuries often rule the line-ups, even Zinedine Zidane’s, but Real Madrid ended up as champions anyway.

This season, Real Madrid have suffered 12 injuries – seven of them traumatic and five of them muscular. There are two things to note: one is that a high number of traumatic injuries is the result of intensity, and two is that the medical staff are doing a great job because they’ve already resolved more than half of the injuries.

Eden Hazard aside, the concerns now surround Dani Carvajal, who seemed to have found his particular Fierabras balsam that saved him from those damned injuries that prevented him from playing consistently. Now, the lateral ligament in his right knee has said enough.

As it is a taped, non-cordonal ligament, a complete recovery is expected within eight weeks because the ligament, except in cases of high grade injuries, doesn’t lose the continuity in its fibres. They simply dislodge, which helps the chances of successive conservative treatment.

There are a couple more things to note: one is that the integrity of the internal lateral ligament is of the highest importance for the defender as is the integrity of the elements that make up the knee, and two is that it’s joined by its middle third to the internal meniscus. Both arguments advise giving the ligament tissue the necessary time to heal. Remember that similar injuries have complicated the careers of players like Thiago Alcantara and Lucas Hernandez. So, there should be no overconfidence.

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