Super League Cites Florentino Perez as a key member

Liverpool and Tottenham among the clubs invited

An 18-page draft has come to light that contains information about the structure of the controversial closed European Super League.

Six Premier League clubs are among the 15 founding and permanent members, with Real Madrid, Manchester United, Liverpool and AC Milan – all of whom will have a fixed place – playing an important role in the new tournament’s creation.

The Times published the document, which does not reveal the names of the six English clubs, although they will presumably be the so-called Big Six: Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United.

They will be joined by three LaLiga Santander teams, another three Italian clubs, two teams from Germany and one French club.

For entering the competition, the 15 founding clubs will receive about 350 million euros.

Investment bank JPMorgan Chase will be behind the competition’s funding and the aforementioned 15 clubs will share an initial grant of 3.5 billion euros to spend on football grounds, training facilities or to balance their books after the COVID-19 crisis.

TV rights and sponsorship income will be divided: 32.5 percent of the pool will be distributed to the 15 founders and another 32.5 percent which will be shared among all 20 Super League clubs.

Money will be distributed in the same way as the Premier League’s merit-based system, depending on where clubs finish in the competition or group, in the event they do not reach the knockout stage.

Moreover, the remaining 15 percent of the income will be the teams’ commercial share.

Meanwhile, The Times also revealed that the Super League will consist of two groups of 10 ten clubs each, who will play both home and away.

Each group’s top four will progress to the quarter finals which, along with the semi finals, will be two-legged ties.

Games will be disputed midweek to give the clubs the chance to continue competing in their domestic leagues.

All clubs will be given the opportunity to gain more profit from TV rights, as they will have the right to broadcast four games per season on their own digital platforms.

Meanwhile, a financial fair-play rule will be imposed on the 20 participants who will be allowed to spend up to 55 percent of their income on salaries and transfers.

This draft and the recent meeting between Real Madrid president Florentino Perez and European Club Association boss Andrea Agnelli have alarmed FIFA who released a statement warning the clubs contemplating taking part in the Super League about tough consequences.

Real Madrid are expected to be at the forefront of this new league’s creation as Perez has already announced in the club recent members’ assembly.

“One has to innovate and look for formulas so that football continues to be attractive,” said Perez. “Real Madrid were in the foundation of FIFA and in that of the European Cup.

“Football reform must not wait. We must change. Europe’s greats have millions of fans and we must not turn our backs on them.”

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