Super League Want to protect club football

GIanni Infantino

FIFA released a strong statement against the proposed creation of a European Super League, but some are wondering whether there is something more to this position.

The world’s governing body, as they have informed MARCA, wants to make clear that any competition outside of the rules imposed by FIFA or by any other confederation is incompatible with the continuation of football in its current form.

Some media have suggested that FIFA had been behind the creation of a European Super League as part of its ongoing dispute between themselves and UEFA, but FIFA president Gianni Infantino has never been behind such negotiations and therefore wanted to make it clear that this was not the case.

The statement from FIFA also does not point the finger at any club, nor any president or owner who has publically voiced support for a Super League.

It merely supports the current club competitions as well as the new Club World Cup format.

FIFA has not closed its door to any particular team’s requests in recent years and, in fact, the World Football Club Association was created under the governing body’s umbrella, and its founding president was none other than Real Madrid’s Florentino Perez.

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